About Debbie Frapp

Mom, Grandma, Business Women, Speaker, Coach & Trainer

About Debbie Frapp

In 1990, I found myself with two kids, divorced for the second time, no money, no where to live, no career and no direction. I had a bucket full of nothing. Feeling the shame of failure and full of fear, doubt and uncertainty, I took a deep breathe and heaping spoonful of courage and walked straight in the fire of learning and starting over and headed back home. I was exhausted, broken and scared to death and I had two boys counting on me. So I stood up, put one foot in front of the other and I got a steady income waiting tables and eventually started working at the university.

I worked hard and finally had enough to rent a small duplex. Working at the university allowed me to go to school and not only did I earn my degree, I earned back my self esteem and self worth. Graduating with honors and certifications as a professional in the fields of addiction and crisis.

I loved learning how people tick and about how we perceive our world, about our brains, the psychology of why people do what they do and what we can do about it. Most importantly, I learned how we can heal when it hasn’t worked out the way we planned.

I continued my scholarly learning and went on to earn a Masters in Educational Psychology and found myself a few years later even teaching in the Behavioral Science Department at one of the local universities.

You would think I had figured it out. Coming from a bucket full of nothing to two degrees. My oldest son was starting college and eventually he got his Ph.D in physical therapy and my youngest went to culinary school to become a chef. They had not become a statistic of being raised by a single mom and I knew there was more work to do.

It wasn’t until 2004 when I totally changed professions and hired my first coach that I realized I had all the book knowledge and it was time to begin the real work that needed to be done. Going in with a soldering iron and doing some serious rewiring in my thinking and programming. It was through that work that I started the process of slowly peeling back all of the heavy stuff, the baggage, and the negative self image. I began to really understand not only who I was, more importantly with the help of several coaches along the way, my gifts, strengths and what I was designed to do and become.

Even after becoming a coach myself in 2010, the self journey continues. With each new awareness and understanding, the opportunity to design my life and world with purpose and abundance is revealed. I’ve come to learn that this thing called life is not a destination, it is an amazing journey of discovery. I still have coaches in my life to guide me forward to my greater potential.

If you’re ready to experience the same results I have and that many of my clients have when working with a coach, I’d like to invite you to grab one of my complimentary Be Transformed Discovery Sessions. Together, we’ll get clear about your goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to enjoy the life success you’ve always wanted.

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